Learn how to finish by scoring

At Messuri’s Skating and Skills, we believe that a hockey camp should be an environment where children can learn correctly and do so at their own pace.  We believe that a hockey camp should be intense yet fun, where your child will feel comfortable. Our staff is committed to getting your child better not only as a hockey player but also teaching them to become the person they seek to become.

“The best skills clinic I have seen since my start in hockey back in 1967 in Toronto, Ontario!” -Coach Tony

“Thanks to Dave and Messuri’s Skills, my son is now playing in the AHL.” -Rob, Parent

Messuri’s Skating and Skills Camp Goals:

  • Improve Quickness
  • Improve Balance
  • Improve Cutting Ability
  • Improve Acceleration
  • Improve Stick Handling

  • Increase Foot Speed
  • Lengthen Stride
  • Improve Passing
  • Improve Hand Speed
  • Feeling More Comfortable With Puck